Smurfy Advertising.
Here you will find store ads, catalog ads, anything that was used to advertise smurf items.   There are
also items that used smurfs in there promotion.
Small poster and tickets for a smurf show in Germany.
Dunkin Bubble gum ads.
Two posters for German Marburger Smurf stamps.
German postcards.
Large smurf store display for
smurfberry crunch cereal.
Game boy poster.
Mead school supplies display poster and the envelope it came in.
Skippy peanut butter lid inserts.
Cereal ad from old magazine.
4 Page booklet talking about peyo and his smurfs
German magazine article
Fun club membership
Large book with history of the smurfs and
Licensing  show post cards
Advertisement for dvd's
Grand Bazzaar pamphlet
Red cross pamphlet
Fristi pamphlet
Handicapped booklet
Cardboard chef stand for
Unicef charity auction
Wallace berrie Sales folder given out to stores for
purpose of ordering the new smurf merchandise.
4 piece Door or window cling
used in theaters to promote the
smurf movie.  
Front inside and back view of trade show merchandising pamphlet
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Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Lombard  booklet
Vintage magazine ad.
blue paradise trade show flyers
Capri sonne promotion with poster and stickers you are to complete the picture with.
Hardee's restaurant tabletop display for the 1983
glasses promotion.
Counter top schleich display.
National gas hanging mobile
cardboard advertisement display
Paramount licensing leaflet from trade show.
Trade show gift bag
Front inside and back view of trade show merchandising pamphlet
Very large hanging cardboard smurf cut outs used in theaters to promote the first smurf movie
Tall 5 piece cardboard
display used in theaters
fro the 2nd smurf movie.
Movie marquee signs for the three different smurf movies.
These are designed to hang above the individual theaters to
show where the movie is playing.
3 piece door or window cling
used in theaters for the 2nd
smurf movie.
3 piece topper for a store display that holds dvd's
Cardboard insert from a display that holds mixed assortment
of movies.  
Inserts from the side of dvd store display cases