Smurf Bath items like dixie cups, toothbrushes, tissue, soaps and more.
Paper Dixie cups and dispenser.
Vintage welcome to smurf land and Smurf bath rugs.
No mess smurf toothpaste dispenser and three Smurf, Smurfette and baby Smurf cups and toothbrush holders
Floating Smurf and Smurfette bath toys
Hot water bottle plush,  hot water bottle goes inside the
Comb, brush, sponge and soap set in football and baseball theme
Smurf bath vanity
Papa smurf and trumpet player bobby pins
Smurf figure soap bottle and smurf shampoo.
Poet and Smurfette towel
Small bar of soap smelling like
Bath tub no skid clings
Rubber Plastoy toys in 2 packs of 4.
Musical hairbrush
Travel case
Suave hair detangler
Magic wash cloths. Start out small and when you add water they
expand into a small wash cloth
Nail Clippers
Microwave able Smurf, papa, and Smurfette vanilla scented hotties.
Smurf band aid tin front and back view
Smurfette soap dispenser
Shampoo  and detangler spray by Schwartzkopf
company in Germany
Small body wash tube
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures
and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Two smurf head and waving barrettes
Vintage white with little blue smurfs head band.
Ponytail holders with 3 still on card and three blue loose ones. Came in a variety
of designs and colors.
Two pony tail holders with trumpet and
dancing smurfette.
Smurf hat shaped
hair clip
Clip on colored
hair extensions.
Smurfette boutique
comb, mirror and brush.
Vintage Smurfette boutique barrettes and ponytail holders
Smurfy adhesive bandages in assortment of designs.
Poppin Smurfette and papa as well as Talking Papa and
Smurfette toothbrushes
Smurfette washcloth
Larger rugs with the green background one
being a smurf shaped rug.
Smurfette in swimsuit and surfer smurf smaller bath rugs
German 'please ring" is a front door rug
Vintage banana
scented body paint
Vintage grape scented
bubble bath
Bath gel bottles with smurf on turtle and smurfette
in tube bath toys on the cap
Small souvenir soaps with a silver smurf
in Belgium stamped on black box
Plastic blue white shower curtain
Smurfs the lost village themed individual tissue packs
3 pack tissues with 10 different designs in total.
Smurf and Smurfette toiletry bags.
Smurfs the lost village adhesive bandages came in cardboard box and tin.
Lost village first aid kits in 4 different colors.
Smurf bath fizzers, bath pearls, and bath salt
2 in 1 suave kids smurfy shampoo with different scents
3 in one suave kids bottles
4 Different smurfs tissue boxes
Several different smurf bathroom hooks and medallions that stick on the wall