Small story books.
There are variations to these books.  The main difference is on the back with one having a price of .95 cents in the upper right corner, one having
no price on the back and the other having a bar code and price of $1.25.  There is also a slight difference in the color, but the insides are all the
Front and back view of each title that I have variations of.
Hard cover puppet book.  Complete set of three.
Small hard cover pop up books.  Complete set of four
Vintage Smurfs and the miller and smurfs and the toy shop books from random house
Hard cover smurfs and magic flute cover and publisher
Same books just different cover, 1st one has no boarder 2nd one has white boarder and the 3rd is cloth covered, print
inside is all the same.  It even was published in other countries
English story books
Plush hands stick out of
this book of love
Soft vintage bath books
Bakers Scratch and Sniff
Vintage wonderful world of
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures
and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Mini Australian books
Ready to read paper back books, smurf championship games, off to school, magic egg, a very clumsy tale, scaredy smurf makes a friend, the journey
through the forbidden forest and gargamel the great.
Five pack of mini books
from Australia
Bigger book that has twelve plastic figures and a
playmat along with one story book.
Production company copies of the smurf adventure soft cover books.  Only visible difference between these and the store release books is that they
have the yellow sticker giving the details of customer, job number, stock, pages, trim size and version
Production company book.
The smurfs phonics fun pack with 10 different books and 2 workbooks.
Vintage my first dictionary
Vintage Baby smurfs first words
Measuring about 8 x 8, these books where published by simon spotlight.
Smurfette and the lost village
Based off the 1st smurf movie
Rain rain smurf away
Lazy smurf takes a nap
Meet Smurfette
The 100th smurf
Smurfs apprentice
The Giant smurf
Marry me Smurfette
Smurfiness to go case with 6 books.
Smurfs, Smurfs 2 and lost village movie novelization books
Vintage abc book
2 vintage random house books where only
the bottom half are the pages.
Hard cover Smurfs adventure, romeo and smurfette, smurfic games and king smurf.
Vintage smurf annuals from 1980 1981 and 1982
Cardboard shaped all about brainy, the one the only smurfette, and
papa smurfs favorite things.
Vintage rainy day book of feelings
Thick cardboard the smurfs
and their woodland friends
Small sir smurf the knight
Mini library boxed set
Lost village my busy books with play mat
and figures
The art of Smurfs the lost village is an
illustrated book that shows how the movie was
drawn and history of it.
Play sound while reading.
Third variations of a
darker green book
Bigger cardboard picture book.
Assortment of Look and find books.
Soft and hardcover release.