3-D Metal smurf shaped necklaces from Wallace Berrie.
Smurf rings in metal and plastic
3-D Zipper pulls
Plastic smurf charms
Gold colored smurf charms
Rings and sticker earrings day of the week set
Colored metal smurf charms in different colors and styles. Not licenced
Assortment of smurf watches
Smurf Jewelry, necklaces, watches, charms and rings
Four different flip top watches, Flip open the smurf
and see the time.
Special anniversary Smurfette watch
Quartz Bradley smurf watches
Plastic pull string flapper smurf necklace
Plastic heart shaped jewelry boxes.
Rubber smurfs wristband's
Sticker earrings.
Metal and rubber charm
bracelet that was given away at
Claire's as a promo
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures and
content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Assortment of smurf necklaces including a vintage smurfette boutique in package.
Plastic clip like pins.