Smurf Foods
Cookies, candy, other smurfy food items or empty containers.
Smurf berry Crunch cereal box from the 80's.
Old chef boyardee smurf pasta labels from the 80's
Cookie boxes, bags or container.
Lindt chocolate bar.
Minute Maid juice boxes
Kraft cheese containers
Front and back view of cookie boxes
found inside the lunch box as well as the
wrapping that each cookie pack comes in.
These three cookie boxes come with free puzzles
These cookies come with a free calender.
Ice cream container heads.  Sold with ice cream inside, the hats come off leaving the bottom half in a bowl shape
Empty chocolate or candy smurf tins
Gum dispenser
Bubble Gum Smurf display box filled with individual pieces of gum each with
a sticker.
Bubble gum tape with the
counter display box
Smurfs in helicopters top off these sucker like candy sticks
Haribo container from the 50th
anniversary promotion
Smurf heads filled with candy.  Display box holds the necklace's by Topps.  The
candy heads with the clips are in a different series.
Cake topper figures with village pop up.
Picture shows two packs one sealed.
Decorative smurf cupcake rings
Coupon for new Stauffers smurf
Smurf soup
Front and back view of limited edition smurf cereal released in 2011
Small red berry candy inside a smurf
shaped tin.
Cookie sticks in different flavores
Display box and cookie box that held the cookie bags.
Smurf cookies from the 80's
Plastic cookie box
Bagged Stauffers smurf annimal crackers or cookies in different flavors.
Smurfs 2 movie popcorn box
Chocolate truffle wrapper
Display counter boxes for smurf power stick and power dips candy
Smurf shaped sucker
Assortment of haribo gummie's in bags from different countries.
Different poses
for the gummies in
the German
haribo container
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures
and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Kellogg's cereal sold in Europe had little skatterz inside as a prize.  A collect all in the set game prize with all the pieces shown on the back
of each box
Stick of candy with Handy
smurf has stickers in base.
Smurf bust with candy and
Haribo mini bags, about half the size of a regular bag.
Vintage Smurf marshmallows
Smurf vitamin c tabs packets
Empty ice cream bar wrapper