Metal pins on cards or plastic cards.  A few of these I have loose above.
Smurf Pin back Metal, Plastic or 3-D Pins
Seven different metal New Hampshire Jaycee pins
Wood Minute maid pins
Smurf holding euro flag pin.
Teisseir metal fruit themed pins with raspberry, pineapple, strawberry, orange and lemon.
Three big metal little league baseball pins.
Six large metal NV D4 baseball pins.
District 62 FVSLL CA
metal baseball pin
Large metal Smurf Coca Cola bus pins with Michelin on the tires.
935 metal fireman pin
Metal letters pins.
Large D I G F 2014  metal cupcake pins.
Michigan pin trader
Shanghai 2010
Promotional carpentry and electrical Legrand company metal smurf pins
Ski big white
1975 Pierrelatte biker
Villa de ermua soccer
Schtroumpfe school
Balloon shaped smurf with different styles and colors
Smurf throwing dart.
Full set of six food themed small metal pins
Johann and Peewee
Black angry smurf
Baby smurf with teddy bear
Two different colors and sizes rainbow pin
Ram with smurf ram stick
Very glossy with a thicker acrylic metal pins
Coin shaped small metal pin
Blue angry
Small school house
Error with blue
pants top
Christmas themed
Love themed
On Card pins
3-D Metal smurf pins in original blue boxes, on blister pack, carded or loose.  3-D necklaces where also made to match the pins.
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Belgium and China flag promotion pin
Assortment of different Abilis metal smurf pins.
Metal Smurf and Smurfette as racoons
Northern region 2012
Big bang Schtroumpf
Post papa in balloon.
06 Carros
Mermaid that resembles smurfette Wimereux
Have a heart pin was a campaign to raise
money for the Childrens charity network.
the papa smurf and smurfette pins where
the only two sold through this promotion.
Smurfs 2 movie promotion pin
set of six.
Counter display box for have
a heart pins.
Cardboard advertisement stand
Two different Wallonie
bruxelles metal pins with one
being flat the other rounded.
Papa music
Smurf it up.
Book shaped comic book cover pins
Dark and light blue arms up smurf
Astronaut themed smurfette and smurf
CN Schtroumpfs 1986 series sports pins
Assortment of smurf sports themed pins
Metal smurf stick pins.