Pixi Smurfs.
Pixi smurfs are small hand painted metal figures.  Each piece or set comes in a red covered box with a numbered certificate.
Article number 2700
Smurfette with clothesline
Article number 2701.  
3 Smurfs
Article number  2702
Miller smurf
Article number 2703.  Smurfs with
tree stump playing tag
Article number 2704
Farmer smurf with tools
Article number 2705
Baby smurf with lazy
Article number 2706
Playground smurfs
Article number 2707
Dancing smurfs
Article number 2708
Smurf with picnic table
Article number 2709
Smurf with campfire
Article number 2010
Smurf with beer keg
Article number 2011
Gargamel and Azrael
Article number 2012
smurfs with hay and tools
Article number 2013
Orchestra and stage (not part of the
mini village)
Article number 35213
Green grass plate for village
Article number 35201
Papa smurf house
Article number 35202
Smurfette house
Article number 35203
Article number 35204
Yellow and orange house
Article number 35205
Gardeners house
House with Stork
Article number 35207
Orange roofed house
Article numbers
35208, 35209,
and 35210 where
not used in smurf
Article number 35211
Handy smurf house
Article number 35212
Bakers oven and table
Article number 3801
Peewee with smurfs
Article number 2130
Article number 2151
Gargamel and smurfs Although the pose is the same as the village
gargamel, this set he is Alot smaller than he is in the  village
Article number 2152
Article number 2153
Papa smurf
Article number 2157
Angry and smurf
Article number 6404
Smurfs with snowman
Article number 3049
smurf king
Article number 3800
Peewee on goat
Smurfette bedroom pixi set.  The box is part of the display.
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Article number 6430
Angry tied up
Article number 6432
Sleeping lazy smurf.
Smurf pixi with books
Thinker smurf
Jokey with box
Wanderer with stick
smurf with flowers
article number 6441
Smurf eating apple
Article number 6437
Smurf on springs
Limited to only 250 sets, the astro moon pixi set has a large base with a rocket, astro smurf, six houses and several
Schlips and accessories to place on the base anyway you like.  Comes in a large box with certificate, colored space
picture and booklet.
Papa smurf
Pixi display for the twelve smurfs shown.  
Insert from the large pixi moon display
Smurf and the egg three piece pixi set
Chess set with mini playing board
Great detail on these small hand painted pieces
House base released in 2016 to display the new pixi line.  Side
pictures show stickers and markings located on the back or top
right corner.  Not released with it's own certificate.
Collection part two numbers 6415- 6422 with only 500 of each design being released in 2016