Boxed pvc figured smurf sets.
#1 Smurfs are busy in the garden
Schleich number 2.0850
#2 Happy smurfs in concert
Schleich number 2.0851
#3 The smurfs are building their homes
Schleich number 2.0852
#4 The smurfs adventures in the far west
Schleich number 2.0853
#5 The smurfs have a big party
Schleich number 2.0854
#6 The smurfs take a vacation
Schleich number 2.0855
#7 The smurfs go for adventures
Schleich number 2.0856
The backs on all of them show the whole
set 1-7 with the titles.
Complete set of 7 different themed smurf sets with 5 smurfs in each.
Variety smurf packs released in 2010
Decade boxes released in 2011 to show the five different smurfs released during that time frame.
1960 - 1969
1970 - 1979
1980 - 1989
1990 - 1999
2000 - 2009
Smurf Movie box with 5 of the 6 figures released for the
movie in 2011
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Boxed set released for the second smurf movie.
The olympic series released in two boxes.
Article number 20800 Schleich the lost village pvc figures.
Article number 20801 Schleich pvc special figures only
released in box setd.
Article number 20802 pvc schleich figures released in box sets only.