Pvc gold cord Christmas smurfs.
These smurfs are all slightly larger than your normal pvc smurfs, each one comes with a hook attached to the head
and gold cord for hanging.
Smurf with tree.
Markings under base -
Made in Portugal
Smurf with present.  
Markings under base
Made in Portugal
Papa as santa.
Markings under base -
Made in Portugal
Smurf with gift bag.
Markings on outside of
left foot.
Made in Portugal
Caroling smurf
Markings under
Made in Portugal
Smurf with wreath.
Markings under base
Made in Portugal
5.1907 Smurf on candy cane.
Real one on right, fake on left.
Real made in Portugal, fake Hong
Real candy cane smurf is a much lighter color
in the blue, red, green and pink of bow.  Also a
harder material than the fake.  Markings are
often not as clear either.
Another way to tell the fake from the real is
the real cane has a much more open hole where
the cane bends and the bow sits.
Real one on the right fake on the left.
Big drum smurf
marking under foot
Made in Portugal
Caroling smurfette
Made in portugal
Praying smurf
Real one on the right, fake one
on the left.
Markings on both Made in
The real praying smurf is slightly larger than the fake.  Also on the real one the pajamas are a
darker red, the face is bigger and the seams are neater.  The fake one often has very sloppy
markings and are not easy to read.  (note, the fake does come with a gold cord also mine was
taken out but normally they are sold with one in)
On the real praying smurf there is a hole between the
arms and neck where on the fake there is not or it is
not as big.
Not easily seen on a picture but the markings
on the real smurf (right) are clearer than on the
fake (left)  
Praying smurfette
Real on right fake on left.
Both marked made in Portugal
The real smurfette is slightly bigger than the fake, her
pajamas are a lighter pink and her face is larger.  The red on
her pom pom is darker red and her face is a lighter blue.
The Hole where her hands touch her chin
is larger on the real one than on the fake.
The markings on the real smurfette are clearer
than on the fake and the seems are neater on
the real.
Smurfette holding candy
Markings under skirt.
Made in Portugal.
Large Cardboard tree shaped store display
for the gold cord ornaments.  Holds a total
of 9 smurfs in the circle windows with
space down below for extras.
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures
and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.