Smurf pvc Play sets.
click on Pictures to see full sets and my variations.  Not all pictures have separate pages
#1 Garden set.
#8 Snail wagon set.
Western wagon set #
40th Anniversary band set in special colors.
Pop up  play sets.  Fold up to be no bigger than a book. Open up to a cardboard play set for smurfs.  
#2 Fence set.
#3 Gate set.
#4 Mushroom set.
#5 Boat set
#6 Gas station set
#7 Well set
#9 Lift set.
Smurfettes bedroom #
Gargamels lab. #
Drum Kit. #
2 in 1 combination play sets.
#4.0620 - 4.0622 click to see all
Big school play set.  
Big playground set.  
Play village # 5165
Gargamels castle # 5166
Sports village # 5167
#10 Conveyor belt
German Kombi sets
4.0701 - 4.0704 click to see all
Moon set
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Deluxe smurf pvc play village with cottage,
smurfs, fence and mat.
Big play village mat that is bigger and different colors to the mat found in the play village box