Promotional PVC smurf figures
Smaller keychain for 2000 celebration
Large figure for 2000 celebration
Die Johanniter
First one released in limited numbers
Red cross
Rare fix and foxi smurf
full set of flags in holder
Dupius union smurfs.  Full set of six pvc smurf with an extremely bad paint job. These where released like this.  Not exactly a promotion smurf,
but each one does have dupius union imprinted on the bottom.
dupius union drummer smurf
dupius union judge smurf
dupius union vanity smurf
dupius union papa smurf
dupius union smurfette
dupius union naughty smurf
Miscellaneous promotion figures.
Flag set for sign bearer smurf.
Dupius Prisoner figure
Fix and Foxi
comic book from
Schimmel pianos
Large figure and smaller key chain for the year 2000
BP smurf one with 75 on chest and gas attendant
Malteser (a German aid organization) smurf, smurfette and
Die Johanniter
(German aid organization)
German red cross
Complete set of five silan promo smurfs. Silan is printed on bottom of feet of each smurf
Blue, pink and white baby on a Maia & borges teeter ball
(Maia and borges is a company in portugal that makes and paints smurfs)
Crutch and wheelchair along with a comic book and advertisement papers
Dr. Koch
Prophylaxe gruss
Paracodine red and yellow scarf and yellow
ASB with different cases and keychains
Belgium soccer and devil
Rode Kruis Vlaanderen
Dutch soccer
ASS card player and mini card set.
Ina Smurfs (softer material but same size as regular pvc figures)
Grand bazaar
Endress Hauser
(Hard plaster material)
Knorr smurfs you piece together
National gas
Sparkasse smurfs (German bank)
Schlumpf hausen
Scholler ice cream
British Torch
Olympia torch
#1 Teacher
BP packaged smurf
Scci  satin Christmas ornament,  Pin,  papa with black board,  gold pig,  Smurfette with lady bug,  papa with dinosaurs and yoga smurf with dove.
Omo kicker and tennis player
Italian forza
soccer league.
click on picture
Bundeslieger soccer
Click on picture
Click on picture
Anniversary smurfs,
30th, 40th, 50th.
Click on picture
Modern brands key chain from 50th anniversary smurf
Modern brands
Click on picture
sports and fitnes smurf
Sports Fitness
BASF. Dr Dinch and Hexalotte. Tags come in different colors
Markings under left foot
Petit Gervais, marking under foot
Holiday on ice
5th Anniversary blue cavern promotion with
certificate.  2010 computer smurf Blue cavern Promo.
Staatlich fachinger
Olympia emblem poet
Belgium olympic Promotion figures released in 2012. Complete set of five. Each smurf has the Belgium flag emblem on
the back of there hats and came in there own box.
Smurfs 2 movie
Scci collectors patch
Belgium Summer Olympic Smurfs in boxes
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Prijon Kyak company. No markings of a
promotion on this, but the company asked
Schleich to produce these for them after the
smurf was retired, thus making it a promo.  The
box is different from other super boxes and the
pvc is softer.
Benson's animal park Hudson
NH Smurf a gram promo.
Special release of Spain, German, French and Italian soccer smurfs
Safari and golfer Ernst Becker key
German, Axel
Papa band,
Edward Carlsen
Devil, Hans Noack
Papa, Wolfgang
Official Schleich key chains that promote a business person such as a dentist.  Each keychain has the Schleich on one
side and the person's name on the other
Gatz outdoor store canoe promotion with moose.