Display shelves and boxes.
Two Christmas display boxes. Both have the same pictures on them but one is in English and
one in German.  The German one is also slightly bigger then the English written one.
Carry case with latch to
hold smurfs in.
Triangle window display shelf.
Has suction cups so you can hang
it on a window, or stands nicely
on it's own.
Large rotating display
case,  Holds smaller pvc
Plastic Applause display case, used
by retailers to display the applause  
Cardboard smurf stadium display case for
super smurfs
Large Super smurf collectors center.
Large collectors center with smaller
Maia and Borges box.
Store display boxes hold pvc smurfs and would be put on store counters with the latest smurf figures.
Case with 4 trays to carry smurfs
Very large Schleich dealer display shelf.  Has removable square trays where
the smurfs go in.  Backing is a paper sheet that shows the years current
release and can be removed each year as new smurfs come out.  Two slots on
the bottom hold the newest catalogs.
Schleich sign to be placed on top of large display
Cardboard stage for super smurfs
Stickers to be placed under the clear squares of the
large Schleich display whenever new smurfs come in.
Made by Bully, house shaped wall hanging displays for the small pvc figures.
Large plastic store displays.
Box for baby with rattles
Cupid smurf and smurfette.
Ganz bros would have held assortment.
Bullyland for smurfs and
other company figures
Full marching band box.
Box for soccer series.
Classic smurfs series box.
Halloween smurfs series.
Native American indians box.
50th Anniversary party smurfs
Movie stars series
Zodiac series box
Pirate series box
Feelings and love series.
Little bit bigger assortment box.
Millennium smurf box
Special release of four soccer promotions
Olympic smurfs box, first release was with the track, second shows all the smurfs.
Box from the second movie.
Band smurfs Schleich display box.
Special easter smurf and smurfette.
Office worker themed smurfs box
Assortment box.
Plastic welcome to smurfland
hanging display.
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Large rotating display for
super smurfs
Display box for the Heart and flower smurf.
Counter display box for the 2017 smurfs.
Cardboard display tree for the gold
cord Christmas ornaments.
Setzkasten mushroom display