Restaurant promotional figures and toys
Hardees fun meal toys, Smurfs on skateboards, released in 1988.  Complete set with pictures of all 4 sides of one of the boxes they came in.
Mc donalds Happy meal castle set along with a paper map
Mc. Donalds happy Meal pirate set. 6 foot long silk flag used to advertise the smurfs at German Mc donalds.
Mc Donalds Happy Meal Smurf soccer set.  These snap together and move.  
Mc Donalds 25th anniversary pvc figures.  All of these smurfs have the arched M on there hats.
Paper place mat used on trays.
Paper color yourself tray liner, Chef smurf tray liner, Small display and large light box display all for the pvc
smurf Mcdonalds figures
12 Plush calender smurfs along with a store light box display, poster display and color me competition form
Large store display featuring plastic smurf figures with plush accessories as well as a light box display
and large poster from the same promo
Small ad sheet
2011 Italian boxes
Mc donalds figures released in 2011
Milk containers released during
the promotion
Large in store display
Very large door
window cling
Australian 2011 Mcdonalds figures most of these figures either light up or move. Also the light box display and
boxes the meals came in.
Hardees promotional items released 2012
rubber Smurf power
Straw with clumsy
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures
and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
40th anniversary pvc figures rotating wheel and light box  displays
Large window cling display.
Charades game
Tattoo tin.
Hardees promotion released in 2013
McDonalds paper hat
Paper Mc donalds promotion flags.
Smurfs 2 Canadian gift cards.
Lost village Mc donalds happy meal houses with different colors being available around the world.
Display from the Netherlands
American display
Out door display.
American box.
Lost village game
2017 Lost Village Burger King promotion
Mc Donalds boxes from the 2000 calendar promotion in Finish and English,
January, February and March.
April, May and June.
July, August and September
October, November and December
Assortment of boxes and bags.
English blind bags.
Packaging is in Dutch.
McDonalds smurfs in the German
There are also Chinese fakes in this series that can be identified by there dark blue high gloss
look. These smurfs are also a harder material and a schleich label has been attached.
Activity booklet.
Apple slices bag with
narrator smurf.
Chocolate and white milk
containers from 2013
Color sheet from
Smurfs 2 movie
McD folder
from China.
Assortment of window clings that where part of the McDonald's lost village promotion
Lost village McDonald's houses from around the world. Not all colors where sold in the U.S. and different countries
had different packaging and colors
Front and back view of grouchy's blue
Front back view of Vanity and girl
yellow house
Dark and light colored packaging and
darker house.
American release yellow house.
Front back view of karate and
smurfilly orange house.
American release orange
American release purple house
American release green house
Front back view of Gargamel house