Restaurant promotional figures and toys
Hardees restaurant fun meal toys released in 1988.  Complete set with pictures of all 4 sides of one of the boxes they came
Mc donalds Happy meal castle set.  
Mc. Donalds happy Meal pirate set. 6 foot long silk flag used to advertise the smurfs at German Mc donalds.
Mc Donalds Happy Meal soccer set.  These snap together and move.  
Happy meal bags and boxes, 4 boxes with 2 different designs on each side.
Mc Donalds 25th anniversary pvc figures.  All of these smurfs have the arched M on there hats.
place mat
used on
Paper mat for the knights.
Place mat one paper one laminated showing the pvc smurfs and a tray paper
12 Plush calender smurfs along with a store sign display.
Large store display featuring plastic smurf figures with plush accessories.
Small ad sheet
2011 Italian boxes
Mc donalds figures released in 2011
Milk containers released
during the promotion
Large in store display
Very large door window
Four sides of mcdonalds box
Australian 2011 Mcdonalds figures most of these figures either light up or move
Hardees promotional items released 2012
rubber Smurf power
Straw with
clumsy figure
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures
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