Smurf Magnets both licensed  and home made.
Smurf magnets made out of pvc with a flat back
Assortment of flat die cast magnets some in original packaging
Ceramic tile magnets
Smurf magnet sheets with individual removable magnets
From the plastoy company, 3d magnets
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
A home made magnet
made out of a pvc smurf
cut in half
Promotional Fristi sassette
Made out of harder plastic flat back smurflings magnets.
Home made wooden magnets.
Magnets made by Paben, baby smurf in silver and 3 different smurfette figures along with the 2 display boxes
Flat lost village hefty smurf magnet
Alphabet puzzle shaped magnets
Magnetic pack with 50 magnets
Round plastic Christmas themed magnets found in advent
calendars, there excites a 4th one.