Pvc Smurf figures on a tree stump pencil sharpener.  A Schleich product made in W. Germany these sharpeners
come in a small base and large base.
Plastic smurf pencil sharpener key chains.
Smurf pencil sharpeners including pvc on tree stump, tv, star and keychain
Small plastic TV Smurf sharpeners with different scenes
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  
Pictures and content are not to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.
Picture changing tv
The taller stump base has a clear bottom that opens so you can clean out the shavings.  Sharpeners
themselves came in different colors
Cowboy, hunter, waiter, cb operator, Smurfette with flowers and indian chief all have tall bases.
The small base sharpener has an open bottom and is shorter.
Color variations between the traveler smurf and the kiss smurf.
Vintage purple star shaped
Smurfette pencil sharpener.