March 9th,
Most of my pvc pages are updated, still need to add alot of figure variations and boxes but
all Smurf a grams, raws and houses are complete.  

February 2019, After a long neglect of my website i am finally getting back on track and
adding many more items that I have been able to collect.  Check out the front page and see
the progress.
March 14th,  All
porcelain pages have been updated
March 9th,  My entire
Bath page has been updated as well as the front page has some
more direct links to pages on it.
March 2nd,  
Pixi page and odds and ends pages have been completely updated.

Feb 23, 2018  After a long delay I am once again working on updating my smurfy pages.  
All my books pages are now up to date with everything I currently own

September 12th,  All the pages in my
school folders has been updated,  the main index
page got cleaned up with several new sections added for easier viewing.

Sept, 1st,  
Guinness world records facebook came to do a live interview with me.  Like
there page and you can get a tour of my house.

August 21,  major updates on my
keychain page,  super smurfs have all been updated with
correct header and text.

July 26th,  All my pvc pages are finally updated with many more variations added.

April 6th.  A video crew from yahoo obsessed came and did a piece on me.  Here is the
video with me in my smurf room and a glimpse of my collection.  
Yahoo obsessed

March 6th,  Added super smurfs to my for sale page.  Have many more items to add.  If you
are looking for anything please
email me as I may be able to help.  

January 13th,
Holiday page updated including pictures of limited edition Macy's water globe

January 12th,
school supplies and pencil sharpeners has been fully updated

January 4th,
Advertising page has been updated

Dec 31st,  
Party page updated

Dec 21st.  
Lighting page got updated with new night lights and lamps

Dec 20th,  a
clocks page added, pens, feves, plastoy pages updated

Dec 19th,  
Craft page updated with more needlework items

Dec 12th,  For sale items added to my doubles page

November 15th  Lots of things added to the
for sale pages, have a look and email if you are
interested in anything

August 16th,  Things added to all the
kitchen pages.  Also working on big changes to the for
sale doubles page and will be adding lots of smurf doubles in the month to come

March 31,  Big changes for the
Glasses section with sub pages added for better navigation.

March 7, Books pages are completely updated, new items added to
pixi page as well.

Feb 21, 2016.  Many more headers have gotten updated in the past couple months.  Also
many pages are getting bigger pictures as well as more information on the items.  New
things have been added to the
Media  Ceramics and baby pages
Nov, 30th,
Baby page got updates as well as activities page

Nov, 18th. Been trying to add more headers

Oct 21st,  
Pixi page updated

Oct 9th, Update page worked on

Sep 30th  Got all the items added to the
display page

Sep 20th,
 clothing page updated

Sep, 19th,
Plastoy page updated

Sep 18th,  
Buttons page updated

Sep, 15th,  Combined the
animation cels with the sketches to form one bigger page.

September 12th,  Working on changing my banner, a few pages already have the new one
in place.  Also have a new
Pins page and my jewelry page is updated

August 14th,  All main pages now have easy scrolling with a front and back button on the
bottom of each page.

August 6th,  My
glasses page is updated to show every glass I own.

June 26th,  For sale page updated, glasses page in the works with more information on

June 4th,  
Porcelain page updated with Leblon Delienne statues.

June 2,  Sales pages updated

March 10th.  Smurf odds and ends for sale page updated.  

Feb 23.  
Plush pages updated and separated

Feb 2nd,  Sales page update.  Also pvc
displays and play sets added to collection pages

Jan 5th Holiday page updated and a few sales items added

Dec, 22nd,  Doubles sales page updated

Dec 13th,  
A for sale page was created to sell off some of my smurf doubles.  Only the
items on this page are for sale.

Dec 5th.   
Bath page is updated with new makeup soaps and bathroom items

Nov, 21st.  My
Key chains page was updated

Nov, 14th,  Non
pvc figures pages updated to add new pages, figures and navigation bars.

Nov, 8th.   
Foods page is complete

November 3,  
Puzzles and games page separated and updated into two pages

October 30.  
Kinder smurfs page updated. Metal figures and cars page updated also

October 15th,  Added all the current pvc range pictures to the pvc page.  Did not get all my
variations up but got at least one pic of each figure up.

Sep, 26th,  Fixing more headers in the pvc pages and adding navigation bars so browsing
through my pages will be easier

Sep, 19th.  All my smurf a gram pages are now complete showing all of the smurf a grams I
currently own.

Sep, 16th,  
English smurf a gram is updated and now shows all the English speaking smurf
a grams I have...   

August 21,  Favicon picture added to the website.  If you bookmark my site or open it, you
should see a little smurf head.

August 18th,  Getting headers done and adding a few pictures here and there but mostly
just cleaning things up.  Hope to get more pictures up within a few weeks.

July 26th.  Working on getting the headers updated and then it will be onto adding pictures.

July 15th.  Website My blue addiction uploaded to web.  Formerly known as kicking the
Web site Updates
Handy is busy getting the site up to date and adding
more information.  Keep checking on his progress.
This is a private smurf collectors website and was created for the sole purpose of
sharing with you my ever growing smurf collection.  Pictures and content are not
to be used without my written permission.  Only my doubles are for sale.